Foley and Home Theatre System

  A film is visible art through using an optical illusion. Once a silent film came out, there has been a significant breakthrough in field of films so far. At present, it creates realistic fictions with all senses which enable people to feel. It is feasible to control temperature in a movie theatre to make audiences feel fear as well as provide same synesthesia as in films. To illustrate, if there is a scene of dissecting room, a conditioning system which was synchronized with the time code makes temperature in a movie theatre decrease automatically. So that audiences are felt like they are in a dissecting room with actor or actress inevitably.

  However, one of the most effective factors which make people nervous in sensible way is sound. The sound of film can be divided in to music and sound. The former one means the background music, and the latter one means the sound effects. The field of sound has developed since the radio came out. 1 Diverse sound effects which are needed for the radio and dramas belong to this. Thanks to this, the radio and dramas were able to have more sense of real so that it has been caught on.

  In fact, one the most weaknesses was sound effect in field of film in my country. Even though there was a good acting, using a same camera and film, you can feel something lacked after making a film. There might be a lot of reasons which make a film imperfect. However, there is lack of foley in films mostly. Today, the term foleydescrbes general sound effects performed by humans, but not necessarily to picture.2 It is quite sensible part for filmmakers. Even though audiences tend to be unaware of it, the contribution of foley for making films perfectly is quite affective.

  Even though some directors prefer realism, it cannot be imagined without foley. In other word, the power of influence which is combined between sound and video is quite powerful such as the sound opening and closing a door, the sound effect splashing blood, and the creaking the floorboard. These kinds of sound effects make audience more concentrated as well as deepen the details of film.

  I deem that the experiencing the effect of foley in movie theatre is not perfect place. Most movie theatres tend to be set for massive and explosive sound. So that it is not appropriate to detailed sound. Also, the sound system each movie theatre is different so that there might be different feeling of satisfaction from individual. However, if you use a home theatre system, you will be able to enjoy watching a film with the notice of detailed sound.

  Due to video is visual format, it is easy to be used by eyes. However, listening to sound requires high-concentration and sensitivity. It can be said that the most perfect film must be well-balanced by sound and video. A feeling of pleasure of experiencing it is one of the strong points of home theatre system.    


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