Sound & Noise

  The concept of noise sound or noise music is no longer difficult to understand but, listening to noise music is still difficult due to most people are used to popular music. Mostly, we can keep time with music as well as our body will be able to be in rhythm easily. However, music which consists of noise sound is hard to be synchronized with people. But even so, the reason why noise sound is attractive is that it enables people to explore new sound and exceeds the limit of musical instruments. A turning point of perceiving noise as sound is not at public performance. When people take an interest in origination of sound, it can be more individual and direct. 1      

  I would like to talk about a film “Sound of Noise” as an instance. An accident happens, as soon as this film starts. Sanna and Magnus scorched off on a ben with a car accident. There is harmonious and unique music, when Magnus plays the drum in the back of ben and Sanna drives very roughly with little and diverse sounds such as the sound of changing gears, vibrating of handle and car, the sound of friction between a car tyre and road surface. Music for them is different from music what we usually listen. They call themselves that they are music terrorists. Because, they think that noise and sound which is ignored by people can be good music and sound.  

  They present music what they want to play with various sounds generated from things and drum sound in this film. Being music they try to let the world hear presents events which are going to happen and enjoyment of hearing. Sanna and Magnus call together other colleagues and plan what they are carrying out with a big scenario which is based on music what they want in this film.

  The reason why they are called “terrorists” is that they are not fear to play the drum anywhere and carry out grandly in this film. In an operation room, they beat celebrity’s belly with diverse sound of medical equipment. It makes unique sound. They break into the bank for the second performance. They use the sound of stamp, calculations, and money which is chopped by paper shredder to perform for customers who became hostages. They break concrete road through using construction equipment in front of the orchestra auditorium for the third performance. There is a climax, when they break into a power plant. They show their own performance on the power pole.

  What the most impressive about this film is that the sound which is regarded as noise can be amazing music. When working with props, record extra performances that can later be combined to create sounds that are bigger, longer, or more complex than the original sound. Be sure to vary the performance of each sound. The idea here is that each sound is unique by itself but, when combined with other unique sounds, can create something spectacular. 2        


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