The Appendix of “The Following”

  Most people living in nowadays are striving to pursue the aim of their lives. However, how many people of them are able to achieve their aims. There are even a lot of people who do not have the respective goals of life or do not try to find them out. On the other hand, I often think that if people are asked what the purpose of their lives is, why we need to answer about this question. Do we really need to have our own specific aim for our lives? Most people will conclude that people cannot live without it. Issue of this kind is still one of the topics which I often talk with friends of mine as well as others. However, in general, the former view tends to be outweighing the latter view. I just wanted to express and illustrate this kind of anxiety through this story.

  I put “following” on this story as a title. The reason why I came up with this word as a title is that the protagonist seems that he knows what he wants to do and what he does in this story. In fact, he does not. What is he following is another himself who is struggle to live like others. At the end of this story, the protagonist wants to stop following him. The story of following is about people who lost the specific purpose of life and follow something without any specific purpose in these kinds of circumstances which are mentioned above.

  The name of the protagonist is Peter, who is a salaried worker in this story. On the face of it, he is one of the people who have something to live for due to he has got a stable job as well as works hard. In fact, what he accomplishes for his purpose of life does not come from his will. There is something which he is following, even that is not what he wants to pursue them. In other word, he is one of the people who live with the purpose of life came from desire of other. Someday, he gets out of the bed and approaches a big mirror as usual. He looks at himself in a mirror. However, the protagonist starts being skeptical of him who can be seen in a mirror. He feels like the purpose of life has vanished away and lives for something in vain. He cannot be satisfied with his life due to it is not his will and then he feels like everything that he has worked up to his present standing is pulled down.

  He decides to follow the trace of what he has done so far. The protagonist is able to find out that he is wandering from place to place. The places which he is standing are crowded with people. They do not even seem to be taking care of him. What he has got since he started working is nothing. The protagonist is able to rethink of his life through following the trace of what he has done. He might have been a just normal person. He did not even intend to become a salaried worker. Whilst he was living, he had an interest and got into something. Moreover, what he really wanted to do was already disappeared as time went by. At the end of this story, he can find out one guy who is standing on the rooftop at the building, whilst he is wandering from place to place,

  The conclusion of this story is tragic. The protagonist stops following himself as he commits suicide. In fact, he did not have any purpose of his life intentionally. He might have been afraid of that. Also, he knew that even though he did not have any aim for his life, he was able to live as if he had already had the aim of life. When the protagonist is on the rooftop, he was not able to find the guy out. After for a while, he sees that the guy fell down. The protagonist also falls down from the rooftop. Before the protagonist dies, he can see the guy who is lying down next to him. Actually, he is the protagonist himself. He did not know how his life is going to be changed. In addition, he did not even want to know that. This is the reason why he chose death. He might have prepared to accept any result and have been known that he would not able to stop it by his will.

  In terms of making a film, there are many things to be considered to shoot on this film. In this story entails diverse locations for shooting. I need to find out right places for each atmosphere of scenes. My composition will be affected by my choice of camera lens, position and the mood or effect you want to achieve. There is only one actor who can be the protagonist in this film. I am going to shoot the actor from a high position. This kind of position makes the protagonist smaller and pressed. Also, a similar effect can be achieved by choosing a particular lens for a certain character’s personality. A long lens is able to isolate the protagonist from the background which goes out of focus. The effect of this kind will be able to make an actor’s feeling lonely and he seems to be not fitting into his life.

  In this short film, I will put static shots and camera movement shots together. The former shots are going to be main shots due to the circumstance of main character is quite passive. However, I need to put some camera movement in specific scene. For instance, I will use a crane in the rooftop scene. The camera needs to boom up from behind the protagonist to the top of his head. This kind of special camera movement will be able to not only show the state of his mind but also avoid being monotonous camera angles and composition.


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