The Importance of Sound and Music

  Today, it has been a certain trend and fact that most films, animations, and TV in these days provide audiences with not only dynamic 3D visions but also realistic stereophonic sounds. In particular, dolby 7.1 surround sound which is added 2 channels up on to the existing 5 channels is used in a lot of films. So, it is feasible to give audiences even more upgraded extensity and the clear quality of sound which is optimised to 3D vision. In addition, it provides far and near of sound. Once <Avata> became a prelude of 3D films as well as <Toy Story 3> became a prelude of dolby 7.1 surround sound, these features are obvious trend in field of films. In relation to this, Most of computers coming out nowadays in the market contain such a nice sound card which can support not only of 5.1 audio but also 7.1 audio. So that people are able to enjoy watching films with a good sound system even at home easily.

  It can be expected that more and more good equipment of sound is coming out for people as time goes by. Because, most people think that sound is quite important element to watch a film. Sound is on a par with video in terms of the most significant element to able to manipulate and control during production and post-production. Too often filmmakers focus their all attention on video footage and ignore the quality of their sound. Interestingly enough, audience seems to be more annoyed by poor sound quality than by poor cinematography. That is why people are very eager to prefer good sound system and right sound. The importance of sound in your production is paramount. Cheap sounds pull your audience out of the realism of the experience. This is why high quality sounds should be collected at any price.1

  Music guides our emotions in a film. Think of movies like Psycho, Indiana Jones, Super Fly, and Lost. The music in those films serve as a powerful guide as to how you should feel about what is happening on the screen. It has its own language that can signal a certain theme, a mood, a quality in a particular character in a film. Certain kinds of instruments can be used to create this effect. The instruments can evoke a certain era or time period, culture, country.

  Music in film is also about the imagery. Intimate drawing rooms, beer parties, a coronation, sweeping landscape vistas, a foggy road – all of these scenes will require the music to adapt and fit what the audience sees on screen and to help tell the story.2

  Music and sound are an integral part of film and TV production. It helps tell the story, guide the audience and evoke mood. It has a profound impact on film and TV. It is used to enhance drama and to help illustrate the emotional content in the story. It is also used to manipulate the feelings and sentiments of viewers.


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